PP Tape Fibrillating Extrusion Plant

Key Features

  • Extra Durability & Shinning of Tape.
  • It is suitable for the production of various specifications of PP, HDPE, new materials and recyling materials of the tear film,film,cable Filling yarn,etc. which is widely use in different specifications of banding Twins.Pacaking Twines and other products.
  • Fibrillated Unit
  • Screen Changer Manualy & Hydrualic by client Requirement.
  • Uniquely Designed ' T ' die ensuring uniform flow distribution.
  • The line is conceived to offer the coustomers the optimum combination of quality & flexlibilty.
  • The offer complete Turn-Key Plant for the production of Twine.


  • Twisted Ropes
  • Fishing Nets
  • Baler Twines
  • Binder Twine

PP Tape Fibrillating Extrusion Plant Video

Sr no. Model No Size mm Production(Kgs/Hrs.)
1 PPI/PPT - 75 AC 75 110
2 PPI/PPT - 90 AC 90 140